Who we are

2 Elle was founded in 1980 by Pierangelo, an artisan reality with passion for solid wood; in the course of time this reality evolved into a modern and update one, but still keeping the wood manufacturing art.
The culture of a precious tradition, the strict attention for the quality of materials, along with the respect for the most ancient woodwork art represent the beating heart of 2 Elle.
The exclusive offers of 2 Elle can give a traditional, classic yet contemporary taste; a total living which can fulfill every furnishing need, and give us the opportuniy to offer custom-made designs.
2 Elle presents refined, affected and elegant furniture with personalized chromatic effects. Dedicated to our father who raises us in the respect of life and men, and left us the wisdom of handmade work.

Learn from the past, live the present, dream the future.

Quality and traditions

All 2 Elle furniture is costumized with the fire mark to seal the handmade manufacturing. Every single piece of furniture comes with the authenticy certificate. Furniture made with first quality materials and strictly selected and seasoned wood. We chose eco-friendly wood coming from eco-sustainable plantations which stimulate the reforestation. Water-based laquers and low environmentalr impact components....