Wooden Compositions

Wooden furniture

2 Elle offers wooden compositions to guarantee its customers refined and harmonious environments, characterized by an elegant style able to amaze you and your guests.

Our wooden furniture has a natural charm that is well suited to any home, apartment and style. Not only are they built with superior quality wood, but they give sensations and emotions that no other material can give you: textures that are pleasant to the touch, scents reminiscent of woods and forests. A piece of furniture of this type can find its place in any environment and room.

Even if compact and resistant, wood is a living material, which can undergo deformations and problems. To keep the wood looking like new it is necessary to take care of it periodically. It can be cleaned with a soft, damp wool or cotton cloth. Never use detergents or solvents: they could leave indelible stains on the surface. If there are areas that are worked or difficult to dust, it is advisable to use a brush with soft bristles to be able to clean even the most difficult areas, and delicate ones in the case of inlays, without risking damaging them. The best product for treating wood is certainly beeswax. Natural and ecological, the beeswax spread evenly with a woolen cloth serves to protect the wood and enhance its beauty. If you have accidentally scratched your wooden table or furniture, you can repair it using special putties on the market that fill scratches and nicks while remaining fairly invisible.

Leafing through our catalog you will be fascinated. For any information do not hesitate to contact us! Our headquarters are located in Poggibonsi, in Tuscany.