Living Room

Wooden Living Rooms

Our wooden living rooms are elegant and refined, characterized by the inimitable made in Italy style.
The living room is the most important area of ​​the house, it must give warmth and be furnished with practical and functional furniture. In this sense, a valuable help comes from a warm and enveloping material such as wood, which is worked to give the environment an appearance with a timeless charm.

2 Elle artisan carpentry was founded in Tuscany, in Barberino Val d'Elsa in 1980 by Pierangelo; it was he who handed down his passion for designing solid wood furniture to subsequent generations.
Over time the company has evolved, but has managed to preserve the art of woodworking while adapting to modern reality and keeping up with the times. The culture of a precious tradition, the rigorous attention to the quality of the materials and the respect for the most ancient cabinet-making art represent the beating heart of 2 Elle.

Browse our catalog and find out which piece of furniture is the most suitable for your needs. Our craftsmen will be able to create furniture for you to suit any style.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us! Our headquarters are located in Tuscany. Choosing our luxury furniture means to select the best quality of interiors and decorations perfect for your royal villa project. Two centuries of history and traditions of classic furniture production and luxury interior design distinguish the evergreen features of baroque style furniture: solid wood as a primary material and an exclusively handcrafted production for all the needs. Our designers take care of the details of your most favourite interiors and our craftsmen create high-end bespoke furniture. 2 Elle production provides delightful interiors and exquisite pieces of furniture which reflect its centuries-old history. Our team of professional and highly knowledgeable artisans is here to propose the furniture of your dreams. This is why we represent an excellent opportunity to make your dreams come true!